Building an Email Marketing Campaign

Templates make creating your email campaigns easy, quick and consistent.


Each Email marketing template gives you a series of optional building block to quickly build your email campaign from. Choose which template you want for each campaign, then choose the building blocks, add in your own content and edit them many times as you like before you send the campaign.

Define the Campaign and Sender

Start by defining the subject line of the campaign and your sender details

Campaign building - step 1

Choose from the Available Templates

When building your email campaign you can choose from the selection of available templates. You can also choose to just send a text based email if you want to.

If you subscribe to our “Unlimited” package you can even import your own templates.

Campaign building - step 2


Once you have chosen your template, you'll be presented with our WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) Editor so that you can start building your campaign.

Each template we create contains a number of building blocks that you can use for each campaign. You don't have to use them, or you can use them many times in each email.

Campaign building - step 3

Choose your Building Blocks

Just choose each building block from the drop down list and it will be added into your email.

You can move them up and down within the email to reorder them if you want.

Campaign building - step 4

Just fill in the Blanks

Then all you have to do is to just fill in the blanks.

In in your textual content either by typing it in, or by pasting content from any editor.

You can upload images from your computer and they'll be resized for you so that they always look great.

Campaign building - step 5

Choose your Subscribers

You then just have to choose who to send your campaign to.

You can choose from your existing subscriber lists, any filtered segments of your subscribers or import new subscribers on the fly.

Campaign building - step 6

Schedule your Campaign or Send it Now

You can choose to schedule your campaign for future delivery. Just choose the exact date and time from the options available and we'll do the rest.

Of course if you want to send it now, that's fine too. Either way we'll send you an email to let you know that your campaign has been delivered.

Campaign building - step 7

So, then what ?

Once your email campaign has been sent it's time to watch the statistics. See how many people open your emails, who clicks on what, if anyone forwards them and everything else you need to know to make every campaign a great success.

Find out more about email statistics

Campaign building - step 8

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