Email Marketing Campaigns

Create superb, managed, targeted email campaigns to all of your customers, clients and prospects. Combined with superb subscription management and advanced reporting and real time analytics.

Target your Market

Sending out targeted email campaigns to your customers and prospects allows you to keep them informed about your company, products and services.

Build campaigns based upon changes and announcements within your business and target specific customers with specific messages. Customise your email templates every time you send them to keep them fresh and topical.

Combine this with advanced reporting and analytics so that you know who is reading which emails, when they read them, what they clicked on and is they forwarded the email to anyone.

SPAM Testing

Testing your design in all the different email clients out there has got to be the most frustrating and time consuming parts of sending email campaigns. Our design and spam testing tool changes all that by doing the hard work for you with a single click.

Everything a small business needs

  • Personalisation

    Make every email personal by inserting your subscribers name or the last service that they purchased.

  • Time Zone
    Send in any time zone

    Full control over when your recipients will receive your campaigns; works across multiple time zones.

  • Google Analytics
    Google Analytics

    Automatically track your campaign related sales and conversions by linking to your Google Analytics account.

  • Forward to a friend
    Forward to a friend

    Let your recipients spread the word virally by forwarding your emails and track the results.

  • Free Campaign Archive
    Free Campaign Archive

    Add a simple line of code to your website for a complete campaign archive that automatically updates.

  • Top notch deliverability
    Top notch deliverability

    Authentication, relationships with ISP's and more ensure your emails are delivered to every recipient.

  • PAYG
    Only pay when you send

    Our simple pricing policy means you only pay when you send emails and campaigns; no nasty monthly fees.

  • Powerful Reports
    Powerful Reports

    Track the opens, clicks, forwards, unsubscribes, bounces and so much more of every email you send.

  • Simple Online Editor
    Simple Online Editor

    Build your email campaigns with ease using our simple online editor and our bespoke email template service.

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