Personalise Your Emails

Make an email personal, focused and targeted and you'll hit the right people with the right message.

Email Overview

Sending a bespoke email message is easy with personalisation. Whether it's just inserting the first name of your recipient into an email or only sending your campaign to a segment of your distribution list, personalisation lets you target, focus and tailor your campaigns.

Make it Personal

Make it Personal

It's always nice to see your name at the start of an email, feeling that the sender has taken the time and care to individually address the email specifically to you.

So let's do that to all of your customers.

Inserting a name, email address, date and other personal information is each as part of your email design. Just use one of our mail merge fields and details for each of your recipients will be inserted into their personalised email.

You can even define your own fields as part of your sign up procedures and subscription lists and use that information as well to truly tailor your emails to your business.

Target Specific People with Specific Needs

It makes perfect sense to only send information to those recipients who need it. It saves you money, time and stops those irritating emails asking you to buy something that you're just not interested in or that you've already bought.

Split your recipient lists by intelligent segments and you focus in right on the people who really need to hear your message. Targeting any marketing just makes good sense.

You determine how you want split your lists, by gathering and storing information specific to your business and your subscribers. If you sell ski equipment for example, it's no use telling someone you have great offers on snowboards if they only ski. You need to be telling the snowboarders.

Gather the interests of your audience at signup and you can target them when you need to.

Target Specific People

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