Worldview · A new way to meet your subscribers

Worldview · A new way to meet your subscribers

Worldview reminds you these are real people you're sending to, not email addresses.

Every time you send a campaign, we'll show you who is opening it, clicking links, forwarding it to their friends, liking it on Facebook or mentioning it on Twitter. Here's the cool part — we'll show you this on a map, in real-time, all wrapped up in a gorgeous user interface.

Worldview map

Stunning “Real Time” User Interface

  • People
    People, not email addresses

    Get to know your subscribers, where they're based and what they're saying about you.

  • Share with friends
    Easily share with friends

    Share a public version of Worldview without private data so everyone can watch the action.

  • Social
    Social out of the box

    See where Facebook likes and Twitter mentions about your email are happening in real-time.

  • Full-screen experience
    Full-screen experience

    Go full-screen and watch Worldview without distractions. Just you and your subscribers.

  • Local
    As local as you like

    Sit back and watch the global activity, or zoom down to the street level. It's your choice.

  • Real-time
    Real-time, really

    See what your subscribers are doing with your email the moment they do it.

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