Automatic Subscriber Notifications

Automatic Subscriber Notifications

Receive an email notification when people subscribe to your subscribe lists.

Be Notified When People Signup

When someone subscribes to any of your email lists you can be notified by email. If you are getting too many emails, why not just get a daily, weekly or monthly summary. All done for you automatically right to your own inbox.

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Instant Subscriber Notifications

Every time someone subscribe to your selected subscriber lists, you'll get an automatic email telling you who has just subscribed. We'll tell you their name, email address and where they subscribed from (including a map)

You can also just click the link to see their new subscriber profile.

Daily, Weekly or Monthly Summary

If getting an email every time someone subscribes to you sounds like your own inbox is going to fill up far too quickly, don't worry. You can choose to have a daily, weekly or monthly summary instead. We'll just send you an occasional email showing how many people are subscribing to you.

We don't just send you some number, we'll also tell you how this week compares to last week (or yesterday or month) and also show you the best day and averages as well.

So whichever option you choose, you'll be fully up-to-date with how many people are subscribing to you.

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